January 2016

Well everybody knows that when December 31st rolls around once more, they need to make some New Year’s Resolutions, or at least think bout things they want or need to do differently in the coming new year. Well at least that’s my perspective.

On December 31st 2015, I thought to myself what if I really owned 2016? What if 2016 really was ‘my year’. I thought, thought some more and smiled hopelessly at the fact that if I make change, I might really be able to kick start my career and send it flying.

I’d say that, for a good 8 years of my life just passed, I’ve really gotten into movie making. I used to gather all of my Lego’s and place them strategically in a Lego brick house, then I’d grab a point and shoot camera and start taking photos. I always remember checking that the lighting was good and that it didn’t change too much with each photo. It always took me hours but eventually, I’d always end out with 1000’s of photos waiting to be strung together. And with that, it would always turn out really good.

Now some people will be thinking ‘wow she’s really full of herself.’ Maybe I am? I’m not trying to be, but for a 9 year-old producing this sort of content, it was amazingly good. But I’m not here to talk about that and go on about my different Lego creations, I’m talking about the start of my journey.

After years of making Lego movies, they slowly evolved into dance videos and with that, dance videos changed into music videos. Of course it was never published, after all, I’d picked a track off my iPod playlist and used an iPod app to make a video around it. Those were the days!! Last may (2015), I bought a new DSLR. My dad had bought one like two years prior to this and I loved it. He’s really into photography and so wherever we would go walking the dog, out would come his Nikon and he’d be shooting away. It was always ‘too expensive’ for me to break and so I wasn’t allowed to mess about with it. But I learnt a few things from that camera. (Thanks Nikon.)

So anyway back to May last year… So I had my new camera and it wasn’t cheap either. I opted for Canon, I’d read up all the great reviews from it and one of the people who I look up to in film making is Casey Neistat, he always chooses Canon and for that I decided to check it out myself. The very day I bought it, something like May 25th, my friend Elliot and I took the camera to a Viaduct. A Viaduct is just this huge bridge over a river or stream and it basically used to be a train line bridge for coal trains.

We took the camera there and started shooting away. It was an epic Instagram mission. If you go to my Instagram (GBURTXN) and scroll to the bottom-ish, you should find some photos. I turned to Elliot and said ‘hey wouldn’t it be cool if we made a short film?’ Elliot agreed because he’s on my production course with me and he likes making films too. So that’s when we started shooting. I told him ‘do this’ and ‘do that’, ‘stand there and walk over to the camera but looking ahead.’ and it turned out great. I edited it all that night, it took me about 3 hours using iMovie.

I’ll have to find the archive somehow and post it to show you guys. It was great. We didn’t even have a story-line it was kind of linear though. We just ended up having a montage of clips of Elliot walking through the woods to this Viaduct, but with how it was edited, people started commenting on the story-line. It turned out to be some depressing and sad story, but it worked and I was really proud.

I made a few more mini-films and such but they never turned out quite the same. Now, a year on and I’ve hardly used the camera. It needs to change. Soon, I’ll be making videos again and you my friend, will be following this journey.

I don’t know if it will work or not, but I’m ultimately just focused on created a good, solid portfolio of work for my career. A show reel.




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