Welcome to my blog…

So it’s the start of a new novelty and I’ve taken to writing blogs.

I make videos for YouTube, but soon I’ll be making videos – proper videos for my channel.

You know, I’m not looking to be the next Zoella or Miranda Sings, but I sure would love to get my content out there. So that’s why I’ve started this blog, and this is ultimately where it will all begin…

Keep checking back here for posts and new content, that’ll all be about anything and everything I want to chat about, that I can’t or don’t necessarilyIMG_0193 post on my other social media sites.

Oh and of course, you can head over to my YouTube channel once it’s finished being developed. I’ll start leaving links soon.

So with that, I’ll speak to you again soon, take a look round – hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

Thanks for stopping by,

Georgia Burton 🙂



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